Ann sees seashells

under the seashore!

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Ann's Seashells


If you stroll along the Hatteras seashore, it's not likely you will find these beauties in the surf - you will need to travel a few miles or more offshore to a shipwreck or natural obstruction underwater. Shipwrecks snag the empty shells as they tumble along the ocean floor; I always carry my shell-bag with me on a dive. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Lettered Olive

Ravenel Scallop


Poulsen Triton

Florida Spiny Jewelbox

Giant Eastern Murex

Florida Fighting Conch

Atlantic Thorny Oyster

Long-spined star shell


Scotch Bonnet

Banded Tulip


Colorful Moonsnail

Shark Eye Moonsnail

Queen's Helmut



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