Great Atlantic Mantas from July to Sept. Jim Willis Photo  DiveHatteras's Dive Photos

We enjoy underwater photography as do many of the divers that go out with us.  These are low resolution photos to move over the net well and are just to give you a good idea of just what you might see diving in Hatteras.  

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Dolphins are seen and dived with often.  Dive Hatteras photo

We get to see dolphins many times during the season.

Cobia hang out at the wrecks too. Dive Hatteras photo

Big Cobias are frequent visitor to the wrecks.

Yep, it's a Lionfish - here invading the Atlantic!  Dive Hatteras photo

The invasive Lionfish is now on most of the wreck sites and very abundant way offshore.

Octopus are everywhere, if you know how to look for them. Dive Hatteras photo

Octopus are really everywhere on the wrecks, you just have to know how to look for them.

Sea Turtles on almost every dive!  Dive Hatteras photo

Sea Turtles can be found on all the wreck sites.  The most common are the Loggerhead like this one.

Just like diving on the reef...  Dive Hatteras Photo

Tropical sea life abounds.  It is sometimes just like diving on the reef, only more exciting.

Treasure from the deep.  Dive Hatteras photo

Captain Dave gets a porthole from the Tamalipus

Southern Stingrays have a Cobia escort (DiveHatteras Photo)

Big Southern Stingrays are common sites.  This mating pair are about 8 feet or so across the wings.

Cliff finds a prize on the Monohan (DiveHatteras Photo)

Diver Cliff Cason got this nice porthole from the wreck of the Catherine Monahan.

Ann gets in touch with a Large Ray (DiveHatteras Photo)

Ann approaches one of the large Southern Rays at the Dixie Arrow.  Show respect or end up like a croc hunter.

Capt. Dave swims with a Loggerhead (DiveHatteras photo)

Captain Dave swims along with a large Loggerhead turtle at the Dixie Arrow wreck.

Capt Dave gets the eye from a large Sandtiger Shark (DiveHatteras photo)

A big female Sandtiger Shark swims past Captain Dave and the stern of the Dixie Arrow.

Dolphins swim past the dives on the deco.  Photo by diver Eric Koehler

Diver Eric Koehler took this photo of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in July of 2010 as they checked him out while doing his deco under the boat.

A herd of Sandtiger sharks at the Proteus. DiveHatteras photo

A herd of Sandtiger sharks swim above the divers.  This is a common site at the Proteus and other offshore sites.


Large Atlantic Manta swims over the stern of the Australia.  DiveHatteras photo

A large Atlantic Manta Ray swims over the stern of the Australia shipwreck.  Manta Rays are seen fairly often and they can be up to 15 or more feet across their wingtips.


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